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Children's glasses

Good vision is critical to a child’s early educational, functional, and social development. Parents should be aware that it is essential to address the child’s visual needs as early as possible. Healthy sight can contribute to a healthy start in life.


The eyes continue to develop during childhood. The majority of children at birth are long sighted which, if within normal limits, will correct itself as the child matures. However, if a refractive error is not properly corrected there is a risk of permanent poor vision and squints/lazy eye.


Children’s eyes, as well as their visual needs, differ from those of adults in a number of important ways. A child’s immature visual system is more prone to irreversible damage. It is therefore important to have your child regularly assessed by a registered optical professional. We recommend children have their eyes checked from around 3 years old and regularly from then on.


We have an extensive range of children's glasses that have been specifically designed for children. At Gardener & Basson your child's glasses will be dispensed and fitted by a qualified dispensing optician as required by law, so you can be sure of the highest standards of care.


Children's eyesight tests are free under the NHS.